American Yearbook

Amerikanskii Ezhegodnik (American Yearbook) is a leading Russian periodical publication on the history of the United States and North America in general. It is published by the Center for North American Studies of the Institute of World History (Russian Academy of Sciences) and represents the Russian Association of Scholars for American History. It includes articles by Russian and international scholars, documentary publications, academic chronicle, and the bibliography (books and articles on the history of the United States and Canada published in Russian).

In 1971—1988 the Amerikanskii Ezhegodnik was edited by the Member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences Grigory N. Sevostianov, in 1989—2008 — by the Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai N. Bolkhovitinov. Since 2008 it is edited by Professor Vladimir V. Sogrin.

Editorial Board

Adress: 119334 Moscow, Leninskii prospect, 32a. Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of World History, Amerikanskii Ezhegodnik

Phone: +7-495-938-00-97