American Yearbook 2001



  • M.S. Al'perovichFrancisco de Miranda and the "Founding Fathers" of the USA (1783–1806)
  • M.A. Filimonova"Whigs from the Love of Liberty": Classical Republican Ethics in John Adams's Correspondence
  • I.V. KryuchkovAmericanHungarian Relations in the Second Half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th Centuries and the Problems of Slovaks' and Ukranians' (Rusins') Emigration
  • A.A. Men'shikovaThe Preparation of the Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration of the Bill Reorganization of the Executive Branch,1935-1936
  • N.V. ButeninaAdoption of the LendLease Act in the United States and Its Historical Importance
  • S.Yu. SheninThe American Point Four Program: Profiles

America and Russia

  • A.Yu. PetrovFinancialEconomic Activity of the RussianAmerican Company, 18041820
  • A.V. GrinevThe Russian America's Gold: Unrealizable Klondike
  • S.V. ListikovCharles Crane's "Mystereous" Mission to Russia, 1917
  • V.V. PozniakovThe Soviet Union and the United States on the Threshold of War: Intelligence, Information and Military-Political Decisions, September 1938 December 1941

Documentary Essays and Publications

  • General P.I. Koshelev and the Reconciliation N.P. Rezanov with I.F. Kruzenshtern, 18041805. (From the Documents of the Russian State Historical Archives in St.-Petersburg) (N.N.Bolkhovitinov)
  • The Report of V.V. Kramer, Director of the RussianAmerican Company to the Joint Meeting of the Shareholders, August 22, 1813 (A.Yu. Petrov)
  • The Second Moscow Trail in the Estimations of American Diplomats: The Controversy of Jurisprudence and Humanism (E.A. Zhivotiagin)
  • The Russian Architecture in America: The Centennial of St.Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in New York(N.V. Kurkov)

Problems of Canadian History

  • G. Bolotenko (Canada) Canadian Ice-Breakers for Russia: The Unknown Pages of the RussianCanadian Relations' History, 19141917
  • V.A. KolenekoThe Problem of the Mutual Perception in RussianCanadian Relations, 19001917

Academic Events

  • T.V. AlentievaClio in Different Dimensions: American Society in History
  • Grinev A.V. Some Remarks on the Article of K.G. Solov'eva, V.V. Vovnianko. "James Shields's Activities in Russian America at the End of 18th Century"


  • Russian Publications on the U.S. and Canadian History, 20012002