American Yearbook 2003



  • Donald E. Davis, Eugene P. Trani (USA) A Tale of Two Kennans: American Perception and Policy toward Russia, 1891 – 1991
  • S.I.Zhuk“The Singing Quakers”, the Rogerenes, or the Radical Reformation in British America
  • E.V.GalkinaThe Place and Role of Quakerism in Formatting of the American Society
  • M.A.FilimonovaGouverneur Morris: A Portrait of a Conservative against the Backcloth of Two Revolutions
  • O.Yu.KazakovaThe Centenary Evolution of the Image of the USA in the French Public Opinion (1815-1914)
  • A.A.IsserovUnited States and the Panama Congress of 1826
  • M.M.SirotinskaiaJames Fenimore Cooper as a Social Critic
  • T.V.AlentievaSouthern Writer and Journalist William Gilmore Simms: from Theory of Southern Nationalist to Secession
  • G.P.KuropiatnikHomestead-Act and Agriculture during the Civil War (1861-1865)
  • I.K.KoriakovaAmerican Federation of Labor and the Election of 1948 in the USA


  • M.A.PetrukhinaAmerican Writers on September 11, 2001


  • N.A.ErofeevAnglo-American Relations and Allied Blockade of Germany, 1914-1915. (Preface by L.V.Pozdeeva)


  • V.V.NoskovNo, There is no Freedom There: Slavophil Image of America
  • A.N.ErmolaevThe Main Office of Russian-American Company: Composition, Functions, Relations with the government, 1799-1971


  • Yu.G.AkimovThe Settlement of St.Croix (1604 1605): Initial Stage of French Colonization of North America
  • K.Tarasoff (Canada)The Spirit Wrestlers


  • Periodicals as a Historical Source: America and Russia, 18 20th Centuries. A Round-Table Conference in the Institute of General History, February 2, 2004. (M.A.Filimonova)
  • Dissertations on the US and Canadian History (1990 2004)


  • Russian Publications on the US and Canadian History, 2003 2004